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What's It like To Go on a Cruise?

If you get your idea of a cruise from the famous classic movie Titanic you are a bit mistaken there…

Times have changed!

Over a 100 years back when RMS Titanic pulled into the ocean cruises or luxury voyages were exclusive to the richest of the rich ONLY.

Well, OK, even now a cruise vacation would be considered expensive compared to other options but…… thanks to the equal rights, democracy or freedom of the modern day that you don't have to be blue-blooded to have a chance to enjoy a cruise.

All you need is some willpower to save for the trip.

So, anyway, what's a cruise like in the 21st century?

Here's what you can expect…

A Great Variety of Foods and Drinks

There's no shortage of food and drinks on 'most' cruise ships…

From Brazilian steaks and creamy Italian pastas to French wine and Russian vodka you can expect to get it all on your cruise.

But the downside is that most of the exotic food will not be included in the complimentary meals.

You'll have to pay extra for all that.

The upside for alcohol, however, is you can take an all-you-can-drink option and booze all night on a fixed one-time charge.

Isn't that too a downside from the health angle though?

A Line-Up of Healthy Physical Activities

Cruise ships of the modern day offer you an array of physical activities like Zumba and Yoga classes, fitness gyms, jogging tracks, spa treatments and much more.

But you'll have to sign up in advance for those activities…

That's because cruise ships are mostly overcrowded and everyone wants to claim the empty spots.

And, on that score, if you're not very fond of crowds then think twice before booking your cruise, because sometimes passenger ships, literally, look like local pools on Sundays.

Gambling for Adults

Not every cruise ship will have a casino but most giant ones like Crystal Serenity do have them.

So, those crazy about gambling are going to have a wonderful time on a cruise.

But, the games are mostly for fun and not the high-stake type where you could lose all your fortune…

Erratic Internet Connections

Well, it can't be said about every cruise ship but, yeah, majority of the passenger ships have got a very poor internet service.

And, only limited apps can be used, if at all.

That's because internet access at sea is much slower compared to its speed on land.

Explains it, right?

Mixing With Lots of Different People

So, if you're fond of people you're going to love going on a cruise.

On your voyage you'll have the opportunity to socialize and meet with so many different people from different cultures and backgrounds.

And, who knows, you might even strike some long-term friendships there that you'll cherish forever.

Or… if you're single (and ready to mingle) you might… ahem… you know…

Plenty of Time at Hand

If you love to spend some time with yourself then a cruise can provide you with plenty of opportunity for that.

Read as much as you want, write as much as you want.

On a cruise nobody is going to come over and ask you to do cleaning and dish washing…

Stopovers at Interesting Spots

That's a part of a cruise that most people really look forward to.

So, the ship stops at different interesting (sometimes historical) places and the passengers get a chance to take a glimpse around.

But, if you prefer long stays then you're going to be disappointed.

Because cruise stopovers are very brief and people get only an hour or so to take a walk around the stopping place, have a quick look and then climb back into the ocean liner.

An Unblocked View of the Majestic Oceans

That's obviously part and parcel of a cruise, and that's so lovely, isn't it?

An unrestricted view of the vast oceans throughout a day from the sunrise to sunset is surely a thing to look forward to, especially, if you're an aesthete. Are you?

Anyway… that sums up what a cruise is like.

If after reading through you feel like taking a luxury cruise, go ahead.

Don't just dream, make it happen! Ready to start taking the steps towards your next cruise vacation? Reach out to us today and let us bring your travel dreams to your life!




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Dana and David, partners in business and life, realized after years of planning their own cruise vacations, they felt like they had mastered the art of cruise planning. They had accumulated enough knowledge and helpful insider information that it was time to help others get some clarity when it came to booking cruises. 


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