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Dana and David, partners in business and life, realized after years of planning their own cruise vacations, they felt like they had mastered the art of cruise planning. They had accumulated enough knowledge and helpful insider information that it was time to help others get some clarity when it came to booking cruises. 

Cruises are often nicknamed ‘floating luxury hotels’, but with the sheer number of amenities on board, some of these ships can feel like floating cities. The Luxury Travel guys take a highly personalized approach to cruise planning, highlighting onboard amenities that will suit your personal style, as well as crafting shore excursions that will complement your overall trip.

Partner and Travel Advisor

Travel is a passion of mine, born from family trips to Florida as I was growing up to exploring other parts of the world by water with my partner.  I have traveled extensively on the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, and the rivers of Europe.  The Greek Islands are a personal favorite, filled with history, beauty and charm.  Cruising has become my favorite way to escape reality and explore the world.  Let me share my personal knowledge and experience as you share the travel destination of your dreams.

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Partner and Travel Advisor

Travel was a relatively new experience for me in my late twenties as I boarded a plane for the first time.  It began with several trips to Florida, evolved to Caribbean cruises and eventually cruising the various rivers and oceans of the world.  The Caribbean is my ultimate cruise destination as each day is as active or relaxed as I please.  The choices are endless but as we sail from port to port you will find me on my veranda reading endlessly.  I am ready to share my expertise to help you plan your perfect cruise vacation.


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